Saint-Wandrille de Fontenelle Abbey

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A centuries-old but -lively abbey

Saint-Wandrille de Fontenelle Abbey is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding attractions of our territory, for more than one rea- son. First of all, for its age: thirteen centuries-old and magnificently restored and maintained, its buildings, its sculptures, etc. are testi- monies to an entire religious and local history.

Secondly, for its liveliness: A community of Benedictine monks still inhabits it. They have also developed several different crafts, inclu- ding brewing a craft beer, a painting restoration workshop and the art of Gregorian chant. The abbey is a must-see visit!

Brother Lucien Magnier entered the monastic life of Saint-Wan- drille in the 1970s. This proud Cauchois – an inhabitant of the Pay de Caux – chose the creed of Saint Benedict as much as he chose the abbey that he first visited as a youth. He has been a pillar of its community for many years. As well as loving its tranquillity, beauty, soul and proximity to nature, he also appreciates regularly showing interested visitors around. He loves sharing with others this extraor- dinary place that is his entire life. The guided tour dramatically enhances the feeling of timeless wonder of this magnificent place!

Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the abbey as you walk up the Sente de la Messe path through the centre of the village (signposted route).

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