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A walk and a bit of mushroom picking

The Brotonne Forest overlooks the Seine and, as such, offers exceptional views to walkers. The 6,500ha that make up the forest are also an area of exceptional natural beauty. It’s predominately made up of beech, oak and pine trees and provides shelter for many species of flora and an immense breeding ground for fauna, such as deer, pheasants, hares, bats, as well as many species of birds. Protected and untamed, it is a timeless journey into a Normandy that has always been full of colour and life. Dotted here and there are a few human-made remains such as the mill tower of Hauville. Cycle paths, horse riding trails, hiking trails to help you explore it are marked out and are accessible all year round. “The trails to be explored are numerous, varied and magnificent,” say hikers. “It’s a real breath of fresh air, and there’s a lot to see”. When the leaves fall and the air temperature with them, the autumn dampness and cold have a significant side effect: mushrooms grow! And the Brotonne Forest is the ideal place for finding this culinary gems. With ceps, death trumpets, chanterelles, sheep’s hooves and other morel mushrooms, it’s a must for connoisseurs!

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