Discovering linen

The first evidence of the use of flax dates back to the 18th century BC. With its beautiful blue hue when in bloom during June, its cultivation and processing are today one of the hallmarks and traditions of our region. Mid-July is harvest time. The seeds are collected before retting, which consists of leaving the stems in the field so that the straw separates from the fibre, before the harvesting of the fibres themselves. Even if flax is mainly used for textiles (Normandy is the world’s leading producer!), it’s also used in composite mate- rials, as well as in the food industry. Linseed, in addition to its excellent health benefits, has a nutty taste that makes it the finishing touch for many local dishes or products, such as bread, cheese, etc.

June is the perfect month to roam the countryside adorned in its blue finery! Several cycle routes have been created to allow you to explore the most beautiful of rural lands-capes. These routes are between 12 and 23 km, entirely asphalted and with no obstacles, and average 1 to 2 hours in length. A to-do with family or friends,a picnic or snack, and a camera!