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Les Escargots de Brotonne is located in Seine-Maritime,Normandy.

Les Escargots de Brotonne was established in 1995, in Rougemontier near Routot, and today is in Yébleron.

Les Escargots de Brotonne is open every day from Monday to Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Hugues will be happy to welcome you on opening days; however, if you wish to have snails on the farm, the safest way is still to reserve them!

In December, we are also present at the markets in Yvetot on Wednesday mornings, Luneray on Sunday mornings and Bourg Achard on Monday mornings.

Périodes d'ouverture

    • Du 01/01/2023 au 30/11/2023
      • Du 01/12/2023 au 31/12/2023
        • from 09h00 à 17h00
        • Fermeture : 09:00
        • 17:00
      • Du 01/01/2024 au 30/11/2024
        • from 09h00 à 17h00
      • Du 01/12/2024 au 31/12/2024
        • from 09h00 à 17h00
        • Fermeture : 09:00
        • 17:00

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    1157 Route de la Plaine 76640 YEBLERON
    Latitude : 49.63 Longitude : 0.56

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