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Rare vegetables and snails at Caudebec market

Louis Lepley has been working his two hectares of crops for more than fifteen years. The diversity is more than impressive, insofar as every year, he finds something new to grow in the ideal conditions of Normandy: pears, sweet potatoes, pâtidou, to name a few. In October it is the end of the peppers, aubergines, tomatoes (he grows 16, mostly old, varieties), courgettes, etc. It’s also the beginning of the season for butternuts, carrots, leeks, beets, pumpkins and winter squashes. If you want to find him, ask for ‘Monsieur aux tomates’: it’s the nickname he’s known by around here! The Caudebec market is friendly and very well-stocked, so you can shop there for the whole week. You can also find more unusual items, such as Saint-Wandrille snails. In 2017, the Dijons decided to embark on this remarkable rearing operation (even though the French are the biggest consumers in Europe!). Their reputation was not long in the making. Each year, between May and October, their heliciculture produces about 200,000 snails, which they process and sell themselves. Several different varieties are available: Burgundy snails (garlic, parsley, shallot), shell snails (traditional recipe with garlic butter), short-boiled snails (the snails are simply cooked and ready to be seasoned), or ones prepared with a Camembert recipe!

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