The Working Textile Museum

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The ‘Au fil de la mémoire’ Association has opened this working museum in order to recreate the glorious past of the textile industry in Bolbec and the surrounding area. Come and meet the volunteers who enthusiastically bring back to life the machines of a bygone age.

A group of enthusiasts who worked in the industry have recreated the manufacturing process in the old Desgenétais factory. They’ll tell you about transforming cotton into cloth and show you how it’s taken from the bale and turned into thread, ribbons and fabric. Some thread is put on to a bobbin for the weft, and some more for the warp, which then go on the loom to produce the cloth.

Part of the museum has been dedicated to indiennes – the printed cloth which was the origin of Bolbec’s wealth and development. Here you can learn about the fabric’s history and printing techniques as well as the remarquable examples from the town’s archives.

In the gift shop, you’ll find guides on local history or you can treat yourself or others to original creations made from these cloths with loving care.

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