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Together with Brotonne Forest, the Trait-Maulévrier Forest forms a large area of natural landscape in a loop of the Seine between Rouen and Le Havre.

The Trait-Maulévrier National Forest stretches over more than 3,000 hectares along the right bank of the Seine. Like the Brotonne Forest, it is located in the Parc naturel régional des Boucles de la Seine normande.

Mainly made up of deciduous trees, it has a very uneven topography. It offers a great diversity of environments – limestone lawns, ponds, reed beds, cliffs – which are the source of rich flora and fauna.

The Vaux area, on the west, and the Duclair area on the east have been developed for visitors. The former provides access to the Mésanges educational trail, the latter to a sports trail.

A vast network of trails awaits you: 13 km of cycle paths, 25 km of bridle paths and 147 km of hiking trails! The GR 21 and 211 also run through the forest to the south and north. Don’t miss the many remarkable vantage points over the Seine valley.

On the edge of the forest, Saint-Wandrille Abbey and Sainte-Gertrude Church will please history lovers.

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Forêt du Trait Maulévrier
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