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An abbey-chateau, a place for living and sharing

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Valasse Abbey was the only Cistercian abbey in the Caux region during the 12th century. In the Middle Ages, it became a very important epicentre, asserting influence for miles around. It was established by a combination of vows made by both Galeran, Count of Meulan-Worcester and Empress Mathilde, granddaughter of William the Conqueror. The abbey was formerly called Notre-Dame du Vœu and it was a seigneury that ruled over 163 parishes, owning land throughout the Pointe de Caux, from Dieppe to Brionne. Now beautifully restored, it not only bears witness to this prestigious past but is also the setting for many events and activities throughout the year. Easily accessible, you can walk around it, taking time to sit, rest and contemplate. Its vast grounds are also a paradise in themselves. Designed 200 years ago by a famous architect, they are typically in a Romantique design with curved paths, streams, ponds and islands. Nature lovers will even be able to find hidden treasures! Along its 30ha of flat land and 30ha of wooded hills, there are bicentenary trees of linden, ash, beech, oak, chestnut. Among them is a particularly rare and surprising species, an 150 year-old bald cypress tree, with roots emerging from the ground like stalagmites, called pneumatophores.

Stop by the La Laiterie tea room to enjoy a good cup of tea or to visit the local produce and crafts shop.


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