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In 2014, Nathalie Lenormand-Degenetais decided to start making goat cheese as a sideline on her husband’s farm. She started with one goat… and now has 21. She manages everything from start to finish, from milking to marketing, including, of course, manufacturing. “I like working with animals,” she says, “but also being in regular contact with customers, at the markets, for example. Many have become loyal customers. The nicest compliment that I hear is of course that my cheese is excellent! And I have the satisfaction of seeing most of my customers come back again and again.” Log, pyramid, faisselle, milk , petit fossé and grand fossé, etc. It can be found on the local markets or on sale straight from the farm!

Périodes d'ouverture

    • Du 15/03/2022 au 30/09/2022
      • Fermeture : Lundi - Mardi - Mercredi - Dimanche
    • Du 01/10/2022 au 15/12/2022
      • Fermeture : Lundi - Mardi - Jeudi - Vendredi - Dimanche
    • Du 01/10/2022 au 15/12/2022
      • Fermeture : Lundi - Mardi - Dimanche

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